Refurbishment is a go!

On Tuesday, January 30th, 2024, the Ontario government gathered OPG staff, the media, representatives from various unions, members of Canadians for Nuclear Energy (C4NE) and the IESO to formerly announce their approval of the plan to refurbish Pickering B.

Aspects of the plan, gleaned from OPG staff the eve before the announcement, are similar to the Bruce MCR, which will include control system upgrades, steam generator replacement and, unique to this project, the addition of a deep-water inlet like is used at Darlington and Bruce, eliminating the algae bloom issue that can impact the plant during the summer months.

The government has approved $2BN of initial spending to come up with engineering plans and order parts for the project. No formal price tag for the overall refurbishment has been provided, but it would be safe to assume that it would be similar to the costs of the Bruce MCR, given the similarities.